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Colleen and Jin Shin Jyutsu helped me get through 2020!
As a community based Hospice RN, the constant uncertainty, risk and exposure to COVID-19 was extremely stressful. Early on in the pandemic when I was off work with respiratory symptoms and fatigue, (before widespread testing) Colleen’s distance healings reduced my shortness of breath and helped me get back on my feet quickly. Later as the constant strain turned to weariness, her distance healing sessions were soothing, balancing and like a healing balm to my frayed edges. I know it strengthened my immune system and helped me stay grounded. The sessions also decreased my chronic neck and back pain.
I can feel the energy shifts and openings as she works and my whole body and spirit goes into... Ahhhh.
I am so impressed with Colleen’s commitment to this modality. She is constantly adding to her knowledge and skills with ongoing training. She is a genuine ‘healer’ on every level with a compassionate heart and deeply spiritual soul.
I highly recommend!
Beeja L. Freeland, WA 


My treatments with Colleen are the reason I survived my intensive chemotherapy sessions.  --  Linda M., Swan Valley, ID

 I enjoyed my treatment so much, I wanted to pack Colleen into my suitcase and bring her back to California with me. -- Ellie G., Santa Cruz, CA


 It's Magic! -- Jan R., Edmonds, WA

My oncology doctors expected I would suffer life-long detrimental "side effects" from the intense chemotherapy and radiation I was receiving, so much so that they told me I would likely be "disabled for life." I truly feel working with Colleen helped to stymie the ill effects of my cancer treatment. Even today, my doctors continue to be astounded at how well I have recovered and scratch their heads at how that could possibly be. They don't understand that I had a "secret weapon" in JSJ! Thank you, Colleen! -- Christine P, Los Angeles, CA


My body felt much lighter after my treatment. It felt as though Colleen pulled all the strands of negative energy out of my body. It was important to hear Colleen explain what she saw in my body and how she was proceeding while she worked. I enjoyed my treatment immensely. -- Deidre W., Los Angeles, CA


The work I did with Colleen helped release anxiety about my upcoming eye surgery. I felt more relaxed and grounded after the Jin Shin Jyutsu. I highly recommend treatments. -- Maxine M., Shoreline, WA


Distant Sessions


 I will always remember how I felt after the session I had with Colleen. I have never experienced such a state of peace!!! -- Marcia S., Quito, Ecuador


 I have been working with Colleen Bollen for almost a year. Today we did an over the phone distance Jin Shin Jyutsu appointment. As soon as Colleen started to work with me, I felt the deep relaxation I feel during in-person sessions. I was having trouble breathing due to a cold. After the appointment my breathing cleared up and I felt amazing all day. I feel the distance JSJ was just as powerful as the in-person appointments. Thank you Colleen!  -- Michelle H., Seattle, WA

Blessed to feel this calmness! It's been months since I have felt any semblance of calmness; this was such an interesting experience. Feeling the energy moving through me, at some points it felt like static and then it felt like I had water flowing through my body, and once Colleen  guided me to moving it in a specific way,  I was able to get it flowing and it was such an amazing feeling. I am so beyond grateful to reach this level of calmness while dealing with so many physical and mental issues, My hope is a will be the beginning of the healing process to get me in a better place both physically and mentally.  -- Shivani R., San Antonio, TX

I was very impressed with how effective the remote Jin Shin Jyutsu session with Colleen was. We did it via speaker phone and after a few minutes of getting used to the concept I could actually begin to feel "gurgling" and a sense that energy was moving and flowing. The overall feeling was very similar to a hands-on JSJ, except that I wasn't ever aware of where Colleen was touching the surrogate on her end. I was so relaxed that I practically fell asleep! I would highly recommend trying this. It works!  -- Lisa V., Lake Forest Park, WA

I recently received two Jin Shin Jyutsu Treatments from Colleen following a fall and subsequent fracture to my arm. The first treatment was within a week of the fall when I was still feeling the trauma of the injury. I found the treatments soothing and refreshing. I felt a brightness and a renewal of well being following the treatments, and an increased ease with my injury. -- Chalice B., Seattle, WA

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